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Welcome to North East Aviation Research, the official research and archive website of the North East Aircraft Museum. Using content already available in our archive as well as researchers own material, we plan to publish as much information as possible about the history of aviation in the North East of England covering both Civil and Military types.
We hope that as our site develops, it becomes the first point of reference in any educational program with a North-East aviation theme but also is a place to visit for social and community history. Obviously such a task is an ambitious one, so this project is very much a work in progress.
If you would like to contribute any information, large or small relating to aviation, it would be much appreciated. Likewise if you're an aviation historian and would like to become actively involved in this upkeep of this site, we are always looking for volunteers.
We are particularly interested in photographs and of aircraft at our North East airfields and information about those personnel who have served in our region. We are also keen to extend our archive. If you would like to donate books, photographs or artefacts with an aviation theme the museum will put it to very good use. Please see the contacts page for details about contacting the museum.
When submitting information, please include details of where any material was sourced from. This will avoid any breach of copyright and subsequent embarrassment to the museum. On this note, when including information we always try to trace the original owner for consent, however this might not always be successful.

A line up of twelve 66Sqn Hunter F.6's taken at the 1958 Battle of Britain at home day at Acklington (Glen Auld)


607Sqn group photo taken at Warmwell, 1938 (607Sqn Association


A winters scene at Ouston, 1955 (607Sqn Association)


Newcastle Aero Club Moth 'LY "Bernicia" at Cramlington, November 1925 (NEAM)