This section documents the history of those squadrons while stationed at North-East fields. The research team are keen to hear from anyone that can provide information about these squadrons, their aircraft and personnel who served them or simply want to share their stories and experiences.

All Squadron badges are © Crown Copyright and reproduced under the terms issued by the Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights, Ministry of Defence

Squadron North East airfields served
1Sqn Acklington
18Sqn Acklington
19Sqn Acklington
25Sqn Acklington
29Sqn Acklington
32Sqn Acklington
33Sqn Middleton St. George
36Sqn Cramlington, Newcastle, Usworth, Ashington, Seaton Carew (detachments)
43Sqn Acklington, Usworth
46Sqn Acklington
56Sqn Acklington
58Sqn Cramlington
63Sqn Cramlington, Acklington
66Sqn Acklington
72Sqn Acklington, Morpeth, Ouston
74Sqn Acklington
76Sqn Cramlington, Middleton St. George
77Sqn Milfield (Woodbridge), New Haggerston
78Sqn Croft, Middleton St. George
79Sqn Acklington
81Sqn Ouston
91Sqn Acklington
92Sqn Acklington, Middleton St. George, Thornaby
103Sqn Usworth
106Sqn Thornaby
111Sqn Acklington
114Sqn Thornaby
120Sqn Cramlington
122Sqn Ouston
130Sqn Acklington
131Sqn Ouston
140Sqn Acklington
141Sqn Acklington
143Sqn Thornaby
152Sqn Acklington
164Sqn Acklington
167Sqn Acklington (detachment)
183Sqn Milfield
184Sqn Milfield (detachment)
185Sqn Thornaby
198Sqn Acklington, Ouston
202Sqn Acklington (detachment), Boulmer
219Sqn Acklington
220Sqn Thornaby
222Sqn Acklington
224Sqn Thornaby
228Sqn Acklington (detachment)
232Sqn Ouston
233Sqn Thornaby
242Sqn Ouston
243Sqn Ouston
246Sqn Seaton Carew
251Sqn Redcar
252Sqn Tynemouth, Cramlington, Seaton Carew, Redcar (detachments)
256Sqn Seahouses
258Sqn Acklington
263Sqn Acklington
264Sqn Middleton St. George
266Sqn Acklington
269Sqn Thornaby
274Sqn Seaton Carew
275Sqn Thornaby, Acklington (detachment)
278Sqn Acklington, Woolsington
279Sqn Thornaby
280Sqn Thornaby
281Sqn Ouston, Thornaby, Woolsington
289Sqn Acklington, Eshott
315Sqn Acklington
316Sqn Acklington
317Sqn Acklington, Ouston
322Sqn Acklington
349Sqn Acklington
350Sqn Acklington, Ouston
406Sqn Acklington
409Sqn Acklington
410Sqn Acklington, Ouston
419Sqn Croft, Middleton St. George
420Sqn Middleton St. George
427Sqn Croft
428Sqn Middleton St. George
431Sqn Croft
434Sqn Croft
539Sqn Acklington
607Sqn Acklington, Ouston, Usworth, Thornaby
608Sqn Thornaby
609Sqn Acklington
610Sqn Acklington
613Sqn Ouston
2ANS Middleton St. George
2BANS Usworth
4FTS Middleon St. George
6FTS Acklington
6OTU Thornaby
23RFS Usworth
55OTU Usworth
56OTU Milfield
57OTU Eshott
59OTU Milfield, Acklington
205AFS Middleton St. George
226OCU Middleton St. George
1664OCU Croft
APS Acklington
LCS Middleton St. George