Badge: An eagle perched on a torpedo
Motto: Rajawala Raja Lanoit (Eagle King of the Sky)

36Sqn's North East history
No. 36Sqn RFC was formed from an existing home defence flight at Cramlington on 1st February 1916 as a night flying unit. It's primary role was to patrol the Newcastle area and defend against attacks from German airships. The squadron started initially equipped with BE.2c aircraft but received Bristol Scout and BE.12 types almost immediately. In May 1916 the squadrons area of responsibility was extended to cover the Forth to the North down to the Tees to the South. This was made possible by forming detachments at Seaton Carew (A Flt), Hylton (B Flt) and Ashington (C Flt). By June 1916 the squadrons inventory was six BE.2c's, three BE.12's and two Bristol Scouts. Alongside its patrol role, 36Sqn was also responsible for night flying training. This resulted that on 8th June 1916 some aircraft and personnel were transferred to form 58Sqn. This practice continued with 76Sqn being formed by the same method on 15th September 1916.

In addition to its base and detachment locations, the squadron also had the use of relief landing grounds at Beacon Hill (near Longhorsley), Benton, Bishopton, Catley Hill (Trimdon), Cleadon, Currock Hill, Easington, Horsegate (near High Spen), Longhorsley, Ponteland, Rennington, Snipe House (near Shilbottle), Spennymoor, Stamford (near Alnwick) and Tynemouth

On 12th October 1916 the squadron moved to Newcastle, but retained its detachments at Seaton Carew, Hylton and Ashington. On 27th November 1916 Lt I. V. Pyott flying a BE.2c (serial number 2738) attacked and shot down German Zeppelin L34 off the mouth of the Tees. In late 1916 through 1917, the squadron received new aircraft in the form of BE.2e, FE.2b, FE.2d, Sopwith Pup and  Bristol F.2b. During August 1917 the detached flights were re-titled with Hylton becoming A Flt, Ashington B Flt and C Flt at Seaton Carew.

The squadron experienced more action on 13th March 1918 when 2nd Lt E. C. Morris and 2nd Lt. R. D. Lindford flying a FE.2d (A6422) intercepted German Zeppelin L42 over Hartlepool. They were unable to shoot down the airship but did prevent it from reaching its target. On 1st July 1918, the squadron moved to Hylton (Hylton became Usworth on 15th) with detachments at Seaton Carew and Ashington. Each flight had an allocation of four Sopwith Pup's and four Bristol F.2b's.

The squadron disbanded on 13th June 1919. It reformed on 1st October 1930 and remained active until 3rd November 1975, however during this period was never based at a North East airfield.

36Sqn Commanding Officers :-

Date From Date To Commanding Officer
01/02/1916 26/04/1916 Captain R. O. Abercromby
24/04/1916 26/10/1916 Major C. S. Burnett
26/10/1916 22/01/1917 Major A. C. E. Marsh
22/01/1917 01/01/1918 Major J. H. S. Tyssen
01/01/1918 26/07/1918 Major S. W. Price
26/07/1918 16/01/1919 Major Wulstan Joseph Tempest (DSO)

A 'diary' of North-East squadron history follows :-

Date Event
01/02/1916 Formed at Cramlington
??/02/1916 Received BE.2c (in use until Jun 1917)
??/02/1916 Received Bristol Scout (in use until Jul 1916)
??/05/1916 Received BE.12 (in use until Aug 1917)
??/05/1916 Det @ Ashington, Seaton Carew & Hylton
12/10/1916 To Newcastle
??/12/1916 Received BE2e (in use until Aug 1917)
??/06/1917 Received FE.2b (in use until Aug 1918)
??/09/1917 Received FE.2d (in use until Aug 1918)
??/04/1918 Received Sopwith Pup (in use until Nov 1918)
??/04/1918 Received Bristol F.2b (in use until Jun 1919)
01/07/1918 To Usworth/Hylton (dets @ Seaton Carew, Ashington)
13/06/1919 Disbanded

Representative Aircraft

Avro 504 2911 2912 2913 2914 2924 2935
  7735 7739        
AW FK.3 5514 5517 5526 5529    
Bristol Scout 5569          
BE.2b 2772          
BE.2c 2071 2471 2483 2724 2725 2738
  2739 2740 2749 4121 4130 4394
  4559 4590 7342 7344    
BE.2e 6310 7342 7344 B4414 B4444  
BE.12 6139 6140 6141 6490 6494 6499
  6510 6616 6634 6662    
FE.2b 4976 A5470 A5534 A5538 A5542 A5561
  A5622 A5634 A5653 A5683 A5684 A5719
  A5738 A5740 A5741 B421 C9793 D9773
FE.2d A6422 A6429 A6442 A6451 A6461 A6462
  A6474 A6535 A6582 A6584 A6586 A6642
Bristol F.2b B1185 C4780 C4896 C4897 C4698 D8084
Sopwith Pup B849 B1763 B1805 B1807 B5905 B5906
  C291 C303 C306 C326